The Third Man to be reimagined as German-language musical

Orson Welles’ cult classic The Third Man is set to be turned into a musical for the Austrian stage. Producers at the Vereinigte Buehnen Wien (VBW) company have acquired the rights to the black and white 1949 movie, which starred Welles as sinister racketeer Harry Lime in post-war Vienna, and they now plan to turn the British film noir into a German-language musical.
The Third Man: The Musical is expected to be developed, produced and premiered in Vienna in 2016 – and VBW spokeswoman Katja Goebel admits producers are well-aware of the challenge they face to do the film justice.
She tells the BBC, “We don’t have to make a copy of the film – we have to make a great work for a new audience.
“For sure, there will be many fans of The Third Man who will come, but we will have to bring a new audience to the stage. That will be the great excitement, to make The Third Man live further, in another way.”