The Veronicas star injured in taxi cab accident

The Veronicas star Jessica Origliasso is nursing a nasty gash on her face after a run-in with a taxi in Adelaide, Australia.
The singer was filming the group’s latest music video when she was “hit in the head”, splitting her nose open.
Her sister Lisa documented the extent of Jessica’s injuries in an Instagram video, zooming in on the star’s face and asking, “What’s happened here?”
The crocked singer responds, “I got hit in the head, you know, I got hit in the head by just a cab… a cab boot (trunk)… Very Australian honestly, just to be like, smacked in the head by the back of a taxi.”
Jess went on to explain she was injured while taking luggage out of the vehicle.
Lisa went into greater detail on her Instagram account, stating, “Upon arriving at the video shoot location in Adelaide, Jessica was grabbing her suitcase out the back of the cab, and the trunk/boot smashed down between her eyes and SPLIT IT (nose) OPEN TO THE BONE.
“Acting tough in front of Tom (rapper Allday, their video co-star), she decided not to go to hospital to get stitches, but cover it with makeup and proceeded to shoot for the next 10 hours before getting surgical glue the next day.”
The Origliassos shared the news as they debuted the music video on Wednesday (26Jun19).