The Wanted check luggage space on tour bus for stowaways

Boy band The Wanted check through their tour bus luggage compartment before taking off on long journeys from gig to gig – to make sure fans haven’t smuggled themselves onboard. The British group once had an odd encounter with one desperate teenager, who they found in amongst the bags and boxes under their bus, and now they are vigilant about stowaways risking their lives when they set off.
Singer Tom Parker says, “One girl got into our tour bus… into the luggage compartment and we opened it up and she’s there… It’s cold down there.”
Bandmate Jay McGuiness adds, “If we’d have set off on our travels she could have been really, like, freezing… and the fumes… Luckily she’d only been in there, like, two hours.”
And McGuiness experienced an odd fan encounter prior to one gig when a girl asked for a lock of his hair.
He recalls, “We got out of our tour bus and there were a lot of girls outside and they’d kinda formed a big circle and one of the girls in the front had a pair of scissors. Alarm bells were ringing.
“She wanted a lock of hair and I thought, ‘She’s gonna treasure it forever, so go for it,’ and she just took a little piece, but she ate it… She said it was gonna be with her forever or something.”