There’s something about male gigolo Deuce Bigalow

Rob Schneider‘s name probably doesn’t bring to mind words like “stud” or “libido,” but the women who play his assorted would-be lovers in the new comedy “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” say he’s got a certain something.

“He’s cute and cuddly,” said actress Bree Turner, who plays the errant male prostitute’s love interest (not one of his clients, she pointed out) in the film. “He’s not what you’d call a macho stud. He’s more the sensitive type.”

Turner, whose previous roles included a character simply called “Dancer #1” in “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,” was among the cast members attending the premiere of “Deuce Bigalow” last week at the National Theater in Westwood.

Also trolling the customary red carpet were co-stars Eddie Griffin (of TV’s “Malcolm & Eddie”), Arija Bareikis (also appearing currently in “Snow Falling on Cedars“), Adam Sandler (who executive produced the film) and, of course, the love purveyor and “Saturday Night Live” alumnus himself, Schneider.

“It’s about a guy who cleans fish tanks for a living and lives next door to a gigolo,” Schneider explained. “I take care of his fish when he’s out of town.” But when the fish sitter accidentally kills one of the gigolo’s prized (and expensive) aquatic pets, Schneider‘s character begins studding himself out to an assortment of odd ladies in an effort to earn enough money to replace the fish before its owner returns home.

“I got the idea after I rented ‘American Gigolo‘ and watched it 13 times in a row,” Schneider said. “As I was watching it, I realized, ‘This is a comedy, they just don’t know it.'”

The comedic twists come, Schneider said, when Deuce finds that the sex trade isn’t as glamorous has he’d imagined, and his clients have more problems than a lack of male affection. Along the way, a master gigolo played by Griffin tutors Deuce in the trade.

Among the ladies who call upon Schneider‘s sexual services in the movie is Marlo Thomas, who said that she dons a revealing piece of lingerie for the part. “I wear a teddy,” Thomas said. “It looks great. It felt great, and it was a lot of fun to do the part. Rob is hilarious.”

And then there is Big Boy, the 300-pounds-plus disc jockey from Los Angeles radio station KPWR/FM, who appears in the film as a 300-pounds-plus woman.

“I look good. Man, after you see the movie, you’re gonna want some of this,” Big Boy said, pointing at his own hulking physique.