They’re off to see the wizards

It’s the buzz, not the hype, that is likely to produce the biggest
opening box office ever for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s
, several analysts suggested today (Friday). “There is really a
groundswell from the movie-going public, as opposed to just hype created
by the studio’s marketing of the film,” Tom Borys, president of
box-office trackers ACNielsen EDI, told Bloomberg News. In Canada,
Joanne Fraser, corporate affairs vice-president for the Famous Players
theater chain, told the Toronto Star: “The buzz for this film has
been like nothing we have seen before.” Today’s Wall Street Journal
forecast that the box office will be driven by the “ferocious
loyalty” of the Potter fans. Many of those fans lined up at
theaters Thursday night to be the first to see the movie at midnight
screenings. Virtually all were adults (although several brought their
children, presumably impatient fans). Fifty-one-year-old Marilyn Senders
of Plymouth Meeting, PA told the Associated Press: “I loved it. … I
can’t believe it was two-and-a-half hours. It felt like 10 minutes.” But
English teacher Suzie Thetard of Normal, IL told AP: “I still love the
book more. … There’s just so much more to it. Little things that don’t
make the movie bad but enrich the book so much.”