Third Eye Blind rockers ordered to pay former guitarist

The members of rock band Third Eye Blind have been ordered to pay their former guitarist $447,329 (£298,219) by a California jury. Anthony Fredianelli, who was a member of the Semi-Charmed Life hitmakers for nine years until 2009, filed suit in 2011 claiming he was entitled to a large lump sum for his services, and in court papers he revealed he initially earned $1,750 (£1,160) per week with a $1,000 (£667) retainer for weeks when there was no work.
He alleged he was told he’d have to “pay (his) dues” during a two-year probation, and then he would become a fully-fledged band member and co-owner. He was told that his shares were being worked out back in 2003 and he began to receive 25 per cent of the group’s touring revenue, as per an interim agreement.
That agreement changed when the band became a trio, and again when frontman Stephan Jenkins made changes to the structure of the group’s income.
And after opposing Jenkins in a court battle against the band’s former manager, Fredianelli claimed he was frozen out of the group, while still being owed a full share of net touring income.
However, he claimed victory in court on Monday (21Oct13), when he was awarded the lump sum.