Tippi Hedren sought treatment for exhaustion while making The Birds

The former model landed her big acting break in Hitchcock’s classic thriller back in 1963 and for 48 hours she was attacked by real-life birds, nipping at her skin and pecking at her body.

And, after shooting 45 takes back to back, Hedren confesses she was so drained and shaken, she spent several days recovering under a doctor’s care.

She tells the New York Post, “They kept hurling those birds at me. I don’t know how I did it. It was awful. I was under a doctor’s care for total exhaustion for a week.”

The actress, now 82, also reveals she suffered a number of cuts while filming the infamous scene where her character, Melanie Daniels, seeks shelter from the winged creatures in a phone booth.

Previously the actress, whose film set ordeal is captured in new TV movie The Girl, has revealed Hitchcock turned on her and made her life a living hell when she ignored his romantic advances.