Tom Brady Jokes About Lady Gaga As Possible Stolen Jersey Suspect


Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady has jokingly named Lady Gaga among the possible culprits suspected of stealing his jersey after the big game.

The New England Patriots star’s game-winning jersey went missing after his team overcame the Atlanta Falcons to secure the NFL championship in Houston, Texas earlier this month (Feb17).

A police report was filed, with Patriots officials listing the value of the memorabilia at $500,000.

Cops have yet to name any suspects and while the official investigation is still ongoing, Brady has decided to have a little fun and make light of the drama in a post on Instagram.

On Wednesday (22Feb17), the American footballer, who is married to supermodel Gisele Bündchen, shared a photo of his mocked up “Suspect Board”, which featured images of all the potential culprits, including Super Bowl half-time show headliner Gaga, teammate Julian Edelman, and Gollum from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

The image of Gaga was taken from her performance at the big game, when she appeared to make her big entrance by swinging in from the roof of the NRG Stadium to her stage in the middle of the field.

Drawing arrows to the suspension ropes connected to the singer’s silver stage costume, Brady wrote, “Escape ropes??”

He also linked the shark from Jaws to the crime, citing the predator for its “violent history” and as it “takes things without asking”, and noted Gollum “loves rings” and “can’t be trusted”.

Brady even listed the case number as “0012”, a reference to the number he sports on his jersey, and included a map of Houston and a photo of the stadium as the “scene of the crime”.

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