Tom Cruise Cuts Probing Australian Reporter Short

Tom Cruise displayed a darker persona during a recent interview with an
Australian TV reporter when a journalist quizzed him about his relationship
with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

The movie star, who famously grins and giggles through tough questions,
wasn’t smiling when Peter Overton’s probing questions “crossed a line”.

After berating Overton for poking fun at his chosen religion, Scientology,
Cruise got serious when the reporter asked one too many questions about his

When Overton posed, “Do you have a relationship where you talk… a parenting
relationship and talk professionally about each other’s work?” Cruise glared at
his interviewer and stopped him dead in his tracks.

The movie star said, “Listen, here’s the thing, Peter, you’re stepping over a
line now… and you know you are.”

When Overton insisted he was only asking questions the public wanted to know,
Cruise shot back, “Take responsibility for what you want to know… This is a
conversation that I’m having with you right now. So I’m just telling you right
now, OK, just put your manners back in.”

Overton was quick to apologize to his guest.

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