Tom Cruise: He’s ‘Worth It’

Tom Cruise spent Oscar night in a funk. Not because he lost the Best Supporting Actor award to Michael Caine. But because people laughed when Caine joked on stage that Cruise should be happy he didn’t win because he wouldn’t like the paychecks that true supporting actors draw. “Michael Caine’s speech was very funny, and I enjoyed that,” Cruise tells “Jerry Maguire” director Cameron Crowe in the June Vanity Fair. “But I’ve never done work for money, ever.” (Well, that rules out that theory about “Cocktail.”)

Also revealed in the mag cover story: Cruise says he gets paid $20 mil-plus per film “because I’m worth it,” and he thinks “Eyes Wide Shut” fizzled last summer because audiences “expected some big sex movie.”

All right, so maybe those weren’t so much revelations. But they were, um, direct quotes. And they did give us an excuse to run another Tom Cruise story.