Tom Cruise’s Risky Business Porsche up for auction

The 1979 sportscar is expected to fetch up to $60,000 (£37,300) at the Profiles in History Hollywood Treasure From the Vaults sale, which begins on 28 July (12), and auction house boss Joe Maddalena feels sure the movie motor will sail past the expected price – because of its history.

He tells Access Hollywood Live, “Tom Cruise learned to drive a stick in this car… and there’s a rumour Sean Penn actually had snuck into one scene and he (Cruise) started the car and got ready to drive and Sean Penn stuck his hand in and turned the ignition off.”

Maddalena reveals Porsche officials refused to let director Paul Brickman use their cars in the 1983 film and so he had to buy three used Porsches for the film.

The auction house boss adds, “When the movie came out, it was a two-hour commercial for Porsche; it literally put them on the map… Maybe Porsche will buy it back.”

And the auctioneer is hoping the car’s most famous ‘owner’ will buy it: “Maybe Tom Cruise (will buy it).”