Tom Hanks misses family traditions

Christmas isn’t as much fun for Tom Hanks as it used to be – because his lights are all tangled and the family has given up on getting together for a group picture to front the annual greetings card. The Polar Express star still makes merry with his wife Rita Wilson and he’s looking forward to spending Christmas Day with his ever-expanding family – but there’s a few traditions he misses.
He explains, “We did (the family Christmas card) when the kids were little, back when we could collect them and agree on a theme… but we haven’t done it for years because we ended up having some arguments about it every now and again, just like, ‘Should we do it? What should it be?’
“I’d like to be able to do it again but we just can’t get everybody together.”
And decorating the Hanks home has become a huge hassle: “The Christmas lights are always in a box and they sort of like accumulate over the years and so now there’s, like, 19 ropes of Christmas lights in the box and truly two thirds of them don’t work anymore.”