Tom Hiddleston Doesn’t Have a Problem Stripping for Roles

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston doesn’t have a problem with getting naked if the role requires it.

The 36-year-old actor is no stranger to stripping off on screen, and has bared all in movies such as High-Rise and Crimson Peak and TV series The Night Manager.

The latter caused a worldwide phenomenon and caused “Hiddlesbum” to trend globally, with the role and Tom’s ill-fated relationship with Taylor Swift causing him to become a household name.

But fans of the actor can be safe in the knowledge that his growing profile hasn’t put him off shedding his clothes for future roles – if it’s required to further the story.

In reference to High-Rise, Tom explained the nudity was vital for his character’s back story, adding to Malaysian website “Any kind of personal exposure, that was part of the thematic narrative – about how one man is trusting enough to be vulnerable and then realizing he can’t be. If it’s a thematic part of the story, I don’t have a problem with it.”

The developments in Tom’s personal life have increased his profile exponentially. But he is still learning how to navigate through life while being in the public eye.

“Being well known in the entertainment industry is to live in a hall of mirrors,” he said. “I have to be very careful and vigilant about not allowing those distorted reflections to affect my sense of reality. I know about the reality of my life.”

When it comes to his acting work, Tom is hoping to take on more roles in the future that allow him to push himself and flex his skills on screen.

And he doesn’t mind whether that’s in television, movies or on stage – where he is more than comfortable.

“I never wanted to limit myself to one type of project,” he explained. “I came from the theatre (scene) in London, I’ve done small independent films and I’ve done big superhero movies and TV series as well. I just get excited by the breadth and range of storytelling.”

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