Tom Sizemore Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations


Actor Tom Sizemore has reportedly denied allegations he inappropriately touched a young actress’ genitals on a movie set in 2003.

An unnamed woman has claimed the star acted inappropriately towards an 11-year-old actress on the set of Born Killers in 2003, and he was removed from the set. The girl, who is now 26, reportedly told her mother that the Saving Private Ryan star had touched her genitals while she was sitting on his knee, dressed in a nightgown, for photographs used in the film.

Sizemore returned for reshoots after the parents of the girl allegedly declined to press charges against him, but he was quietly dropped by his management firm Untitled and talent agency CAA shortly after the film wrapped.

The 55-year-old initially did not comment on the allegations, but on Thursday (16Nov17) he reportedly released a statement on Twitter denying the allegations and calling them “highly disturbing”. The reported message has since been deleted, but some of his responses to fans remain, including one in which he writes, “It didn’t happen, bro.”

And he also offered up an explanation as to why his original statement was deleted.

“My attorney’s (sic) are livid that I did not listen to them,” he wrote. “I will release an amended statement soon.”

Meanwhile, sources told The Hollywood Reporter that the alleged victim has hired a lawyer to explore pursuing legal action against Sizemore and her parents.