Tom Sizemore Ordered to Stay in Rehab

A judge has ordered Tom Sizemore to stay in a rehab center until he is sentenced in September for violating probation on drug charges.

Sizemore confessed falsifying urine tests and failing to provide samples on eight occasions and other violations at Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday–accusations he had previously denied.

The Saving Private Ryan star was ordered to attend the clinic after admitting drug possession in October. He faces a three-year prison sentence when sentenced on September 15.

Sizemore‘s lawyer told the court the actor had booked himself into a live-in center in Pasadena, California on July 11–at which point the judge ordered him to remain there until September and to undergo weekly drug tests.

The star is currently embroiled in a legal mess. He first violated probation when he admitted taking drugs in while appealing against a 2003 conviction of domestic abuse against former lover Heidi Fleiss.

Sizemore was sentenced to 17 months in prison in March after violating probation with drug charges. He was granted bail pending appeal.

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