Top 10 Actors Who Should Play Cartoon Characters

This week’s Speed Racer casts A-list actors as the characters from the simply drawn anime cartoon of the 1960s. Though a few live-action versions of cartoons have been done, like The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo, there is still an untapped pool of talent who would look great as cartoon characters. We’ve compiled our top 10 list of actors and cartoon characters we’d like to see on the big screen.

10. Emilie De Ravin as Smurfette (The Smurfs)
Hollywood is full of hot blondes that could be painted blue, but the Smurfs were little creatures, so it has to be one of the elite petite knockouts. Paint this Lost survivor and the little blue men will start to work on their pickup lines. If not, how about Woody Allen as Gargamel? [PAGEBREAK]

9. AnnaSophia Robb as Rainbow Brite (Rainbow Brite)
Could there be another young starlet who could bring color into a drab world? Technically, Robb is a teenager now and Rainbow Brite was a little girl, but she also lived in Rainbow Land so it’s open to interpretation. Quick, cast her before she grows up any more!   [PAGEBREAK]

8. John Travolta as Quagmire (Family Guy)
His chin is already a signature. He’s even made fun of it in movies like Face Off. So add some monster prosthetics to enhance the divot like Family Guy‘s swinging ladies man. With his hip-swinging dance moves, just imagine Travolta chanting, “Giggity, giggity, giggity!”  [PAGEBREAK]

7. Rachel McAdams as Kim Possible (Kim Possible)
She can totally still play a teenager. Just get her Mean Girls back on. And she’s a chameleon so just dye that hair red. Who else is going to play a teenage crime fighter, Kristen Bell? Been there, done that. [PAGEBREAK]

6. Uma Thurman as She-Ra (She-Ra: Princess of Power)
He-Man already got Dolph Lundgren to play him and they may even remake that with bigger stars, but his sister never got her live-action due. Who is a more statuesque bombshell with muscles to match than Ms. Kill Bill herself?  [PAGEBREAK]

5. Jerry Seinfeld as Bugs Bunny (The Looney Tunes)
Both Jerry  and Bugs have sarcastic senses of humor. In a bunny suit with his voice pitched up a few octaves, any of Jerry‘s “Why do they call it…” or “What is the deal with…” routines would sound pretty much like, “What’s up, Doc?”  [PAGEBREAK]

4. Steve Carell as Goofy (Disney)
Nobody knows if Goofy is a person or an animal, but whatever he is would require heavy makeup. If he can endure the Evan Almighty beards, Steve Carell could nail the Goofy strut. Frankly, Michael Scott on The Office is already awkward, so just ramp those qualities up to cartoon level![PAGEBREAK]

3. Ben Affleck as George Jetson (The Jetsons)
He’s at that father age now. Violet Affleck is only 2 and The Jetsons have a teenage daughter and adolescent son, but put a red wig on Ben Affleck (or just bring back the Daredevil dye job) and those friendly cheeks and affable smile will sell the everyman dad of the future. He could take a mighty pratfall on those space treadmills too. [PAGEBREAK]

2. Miley Cyrus as Lucy (Peanuts)
After her latest photo scandal, Hannah Montana may need to do something wholesome again. Actually, pulling that football away from Charlie Brown is still pretty raw, but put that hair up in a coif and wear a nice wholesome blue dress and that’s a comeback. [PAGEBREAK]

1. Jonah Hill as Eric Cartman (South Park)
Sure, the South Park kids are supposed to be 9 years old, but they’re also construction paper cutouts. They can’t ask child actors to use that kind of language, and audiences would suspend disbelief to see funnyman Jonah Hill pick on Kyle and Butters. Now who would play Towelie?