Travis singer brought Liam Gallagher to tears with Luv song

Travis singer Fran Healy once brought Liam Gallagher to tears by performing a love song for him.
The Scottish band was supporting Oasis back in the mid 1990s when Liam asked Fran to play him a song backstage.
Recalling the encounter during a Travis show at London’s Royal Festival Hall on Tuesday night (12Jun18), the singer told fans, “We supported Oasis on the Be Here Now Tour in 1997, and it was like supporting The Rolling Stones. They were so big back then. I was walking backstage and Liam Gallagher was sat there in his round shades and he goes, ‘You. come here’. So I went over and he goes, ‘Play me a song’.
“I was really nervous and I just picked up my guitar and started playing this next song. I couldn’t even look at him I was so nervous. When I finished playing the song I looked up and there were tears streaming down his face.”
The song Healy played was Travis ballad Luv.