Trebek alleged thief hit with restraining order

The veteran Jeopardy! presenter is set to undergo surgery on Friday (29Jul11) after he snapped his Achilles tendon as he tried to catch a woman who had been caught allegedly snooping around his hotel room in San Francisco, California.

Police eventually captured the suspect, 56-year-old Lucinda Moyers, who was subsequently booked on charges of felony burglary and possession of stolen property.

A judge in San Francisco increased her bail to $625,000 (£390,625) and slapped her with a restraining order, which forces her to stay 150 yards (137 metres) away from the star and his wife.

And Trebek has revealed that the burglary has cost him his most dear keepsake – a bracelet belonging to his mother.

He says, “We got most of our stuff back, except the one piece of jewellery that I ever wear. It’s a bracelet that my mother gave me many years ago, so that’s gone. And cash. I figured she stashed it somewhere in the hotel, and we’ll come back to retrieve it someday.”

An arraignment was set for Monday (01Aug11).