Troian Bellisario to Detail Anorexia Battle in New Movie ‘Feed’


Troian Bellisario has poured her personal struggles with anorexia into a new movie called Feed.

The 31-year-old actress has recently waved goodbye to her hit TV show Pretty Little Liars, with the final season currently airing in America, and is now looking to the future.

Next up is a film she wrote herself over eight years ago, in which she is set to star opposite Harry Potter actor Tom Felton as well as produce the feature. Feed follows a young woman coping with the eating disorder anorexia, which Troian previously battled herself.

“I sat down and I wrote a version of my own story,” she told Rotten Tomatoes. “It’s not the exact events, but what I wanted to do with the film was get the audience to understand what it sounds like and what it feels like to be struggling with that illness. I struggled with anorexia for many years and one of the most difficult things about that was it was very tough for me to explain to my family and friends why it was so hard for me to disengage with that.”

The brunette beauty continued to explain that the disease is sometimes hard for others to understand because it’s psychological. She also describes Feed as a healing project which she hopes will allow audiences to empathize with anorexia sufferers.

“I’m really, really proud of it. I’m very excited to share it with people,” she smiled.

Troian chose not to direct the movie as it’s such a personal tale, but she did share her desire to one day helm a film. She’s already had experience directing, having taken charge of one episode of Pretty Little Liars, which also stars the likes of Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson.

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