Trump Advises Cameron Diaz: ‘Stop Fighting and Start Acting’

Property tycoon Donald Trump has issued some advice to Hollywood sweetheart
Cameron Diaz–stop fighting paparazzi and start acting.

The Apprentice reality TV star complains the blonde beauty has kept too low
an acting profile over the past two years, hitting the headlines too often for
her high-profile romance with Justin Timberlake and her battles with

Trump tells American gossip site The Scoop, “Until recently she was
Hollywood’s hottest actress, making $20 million per movie. But she’s dropped
off the radar screen.

“She hasn’t done any big movies lately and the only thing that she seems to
be doing is fighting the paparazzi when she’s with her on-again, off-again
boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.

“But I don’t think it’s so smart for her to keep a low profile in this
business. C’mon Cameron. Get back to work. You’re a terrific actress. We want
to see your movies.

“And don’t worry about the paparazzi. They’ll only make you hotter.”

So far, Diaz has just one film out this year–In Her Shoes opposite
Toni Collette.

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