TV adventurer Ben Fogle fights off robber

British TV presenter Ben Fogle bravely fought off a robber in central London on Wednesday (07May14) by punching the would-be thief in the face. The adventurer was walking down a side road off London’s main shopping area Oxford Street when a crook tried to steal his briefcase.
Fogle acted quickly and hit his assailant in the face, prompting the man to run away empty-handed.
Tweeting fans about the incident, Fogle writes, “Dear Mr Mugger. You picked on the wrong man. Enjoy the black eye. Love Ben.”
The 40 year old’s representative has explained the situation, adding, “He had his briefcase in his left hand and this guy just came running up behind him and tried to snatch his bag.
“Ben instinctively just whirled round and bopped him in the face. The mugger then dropped the bag and ran off.”
Police were not called to the scene.