TV’s Best Bitchfaces

TV's Best Bitch Faces
There are a lot of faces on TV. Happy faces, sad face, ruined-by-bad-plastic-surgery faces, Kathie Lee Gifford faces. But the best faces, they are the bitch faces. Here are our 10 favorite characters with the meanest grimaces. {Photo credit: Fox}
Naomi Clark on '90210'
We're not quite sure what the pig is doing in this picture, but AnnaLynne McCord's face is certainly up to no good. {Photo Credit: The CW}
Marie Schrader on 'Breaking Bad'
This purple loving nurse lives to disapprove, and Betsy Brandt gives her just the right amount of scowls and vulnerability. {Photo Credit: AMC}
Quinn Fabray on 'Glee'
Dianna Agron's character has come a long way, but deep down inside there is still a mean girl that can deliver a reaction like this. {Photo Credit: Fox}
King Joffrey on 'Game of Thrones'
This spoiled brat of a twisted monarch has the kind of face that you want to hit in the face with a cow turd. That's just what the role calls for. Good job, Jack Gleeson. {Photo Credit: HBO}
Pamela Swynford De Beaufort on 'True Blood'
As the cruelest vamp, Kristin Bauer van Straten never gets to utter a nice word, but she does get to throw around mean glances like this one. They speak volumes. {Photo Credit: HBO}
Regina on 'Once Upon a Time'
Lana Parrilla plays the Evil Queen. What do you expect? {Photo Credit: ABC}
Victoria Grayson on 'Revenge'
It doesn't matter that Madeleine Stowe no longer has the use of her forehead — that only helps her stare burn down every adversary in her path. {Photo Credit: ABC}
NeNe Leakes on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'
She is rich, bitch. Plonk! {Photo Credit: Bravo}
Pete Campbell on 'Mad Men'
For a creep who just wants people to be his friend, Vincent Kartheiser's Pete sure gives some dirty looks. {Photo Credit: AMC}
Alexis Carrington on 'Dynasty'
This show has been off the air for decades, but no one ever will be able to compare to the classic bitch face of Joan Collins. Long live the queen! {Photo Credit: ABC}
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