TV screenwriter Trumbo dies

The star passed away last Saturday (08Jan11) at his home in Ojai, California, his sister Mitzi confirms to the Los Angeles Times. He was 70.

Trumbo, the son of blacklisted Hollywood scriptwriter Dalton Trumbo, is credited with writing screenplays for a variety of hit U.S. TV shows, including 1960s crime drama Ironside, 1970s medical series Quincy, M.E. and popular soap opera Falcon Crest.

His father, Dalton, was famously jailed and blacklisted by the U.S. government after refusing to cooperate with the 1940s investigation into the alleged infiltration of communists in Hollywood by the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Dalton later assumed the pseudonym Robert Rich to write the script for 1956 movie The Brave One, earning him an Oscar the following year (57).