‘Twin Peaks’ Diner Torched

No apple pie and coffee for Agent Cooper tonight. The Double-R Diner’s been burned down. Yes, Washington state’s own Mar-T Cafe — the stand-in for the Double-R on “Twin Peaks,” David Lynch‘s weirdo 1990-91 ABC series about pie, coffee, Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and a dead girl wrapped in plastic — was gutted in a suspected arson Sunday.

“I have no idea who would burn my restaurant down,” Mar-T owner Kyle Tweede tells the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “Take my money; that’s one thing. But burning down the restaraunt affects a lot of people. Why would someone do that?”

Police believe someone did “that” after robbing the North Bend restaurant of $450 in cash. The fire caused an additional $250,000 in damage.

Twede is vowing to rebuild. That’s the way Agent Cooper would have wanted it.