Tyga: ‘I’ll Walk Sir Paul Into My Concert As An Apology For Grammy Mix Up’

Tyga has offered to “personally walk” Sir Paul McCartney into one of his upcoming gigs.

The 25-year-old rapper hosted an afterparty following Monday night’s (15Feb16) Grammy Awards. However, he hit headlines for all the wrong reasons when Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney was denied entry to the bash at Hollywood’s Argyle nightclub.

However, Tyga insists he had no idea that Paul was trying to get into the party, saying: “I actually got paid to go and perform. I really didn’t have no knowledge what was going on. I just showed up.”

Tyga has since reached out to Paul with an apology via Twitter, but doubts the singer has seen it.

To make amends, he has invited Paul to attend one of the gigs on his upcoming tour, even offering to “personally walk him in”.

The 73-year-old Brit joked he and his fellow rockers may not be famous enough to attend the party, saying, “How VIP do we gotta get (sic)?”

Paul shared a laugh with his companions about their predicament, before turning around to attend another event hosted by Republic Records label bosses.

A spokesperson for the Argyle has since come forward to insist the entire incident was simply a location mix up. According to the representative, the music trio attempted to get in through a side door, but bouncers didn’t allow them to go in since it was an exit door that must remain closed at all times.

The rep explains that when the security guard finally agreed to let them in, Sir Paul asked, “Is this the Mark Ronson party?”, to which the guard confirmed it wasn’t, prompting the musicians to head to their originally intended bash.

At the Republic Records fete, a source tells Entertainment Tonight Sir Paul “danced the night away” with his wife Nancy Shevell. Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Lorde, and Ariana Grande were also spotted at the event.