Tyler Perry: ‘No more sunbathing nude after royal scandal’

The hardworking star, who dropped 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) for his new action thriller Alex Cross, spent part of the summer (12) stripping off and relaxing on at his private island in the Bahamas, but he admits there will be no more beach nudity as a result of the royal scandal last month (Sep12).

Discussing his vacation with U.S. talk show host Chelsea Handler, he says, “I took some time off, first time in my career… I hang out, ride my jet skis, I do nothing. I lay out on the beach naked… I have a good time. That was until I found out that they took pictures of Kate Middleton from two miles away, so I don’t do that anymore!”

Topless shots of Prince William’s wife, formerly known as Kate Middleton, were published in Europe in September (12) after a snapper managed to capture candid images of the young royals from a road overlooking the couple’s private retreat in Provence, France.

Authorities subsequently launched a probe into the French paparazzo who took the shots and the Closer magazine reporter who worked with him to determine whether a crime was committed in obtaining the pictures. The Prince and his wife also won a court injunction barring further publication of the snaps.