Tyra Banks incorporated her infamous ANTM meltdown into Life-Size 2


Tyra Banks included a quote from her America’s Next Top Model meltdown into the Life-Size 2 script.

The supermodel famously lost her cool at contestant Tiffany Richardson back in 2005, with Tyra accusing the wannabe model of having a bad attitude.

In an emotional outburst after Tiffany was eliminated from the competition, Tyra screamed “we were all rooting for you!” and the moment soon went viral, with the phrase still being used in memes and GIFs shared across social media.

And in the sequel to her 2000 movie Life-Size, Tyra decided to pay homage to the memorable moment.

“I explained it to one of the writers. I explained what the moment was and sent some clips and said, ‘I think fans are going to react to this.’ It was a meta thing,” she recalled in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “It actually got the biggest response at the premiere. You couldn’t hear the next 10 lines because everybody was laughing!”

Though Lindsay Lohan, who starred in the first film, was not able to take part in the follow-up, the crew found a clever way to pay tribute to the Mean Girls star, which Tyra said “was very touching and sweet”.

The fashion icon also found a way to update Life-Size for the present day; by rapping on the remix of her track Be a Star from the original soundtrack.

“I wanted to go as far away from the original Be a Star as possible, and I knew that rapping would do that. And now I know I’ve got ‘bars,’ is what I’m hearing people say!” she laughed.

Life-Size 2 was released in the U.S. on Sunday (02Dec18) and the 44-year-old also teased that she already has “ideas” for a Life-Size 3.