Tyra Banks once secretly dated a ‘very famous’ musician


Tyra Banks once dated a “very famous” musician without anybody ever finding out.

The supermodel appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen alongside actress Megan Fox on Thursday night (29Nov18), and during the chat, she shared that she had hooked up with a mystery recording artist after he sent her a direct message on social media.

“I would go into the restaurant first, and then he would go in after. Or we’d go in restaurants that nobody knows, and to this day, you guys don’t know I dated this guy,” the star shrugged. “He was a DM slider – that sounds like a burger!”

Andy and Megan both suspected that Drake was the man in question, particularly after they remembered that the America’s Next Top Model creator had appeared in the rapper’s Child’s Play music video.

“Another thing we know is that he is taller than Tyra, and Tyra is about 5 ft 10 in,” noted Megan, before Tyra claimed she had no idea whether Drake towered over her, and decided to have some fun with the speculation.

“It was 50 Cent!” she shouted to screams and claps from the crowd, but the 44-year-old insisted she was joking before throwing another name into the ring: “It was MC Hammer!”

Tyra also responded to comments previously made by model Winnie Harlow, who once told Andy that America’s Next Top Model “didn’t do anything” to help her forge a successful fashion career.

“Well come on, I discovered her on Instagram and she’s on this show (WWHL) so what do you think that means?” Tyra quipped. “But you know, I have nothing but love for my girls.”
She added that all the contestants were her “babies”.