Tyrese Gibson: ‘Will Smith is my greatest mentor’

Movie star and singer Tyrese Gibson has given pal Will Smith credit for “sharpening” his business skills and helping him to achieve his film and pop chart dreams. Growing up poor on the mean streets of Watts, Los Angeles, the Fast Five star admits he could never have imagined he’d become a star, and he admits success took a lot of getting used to.
He turned to Smith for advice early on and reveals the Men in Black actor has shared his good business tips with him.
He tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live, “My most impactful mentor has been Will Smith. He really taught me a lot of what I know about the business. It’s one thing to be an actor; it’s another thing to really understand the business.
“Will is real big on survival and he’s like, ‘If you jeopardise somebody’s survival, they’re gonna jeopardise yours,’ so it’s about being professional, on point, on top of your game at all times and never taking any department for granted, and so that right there has really sharpened me up.”