U.S. troops get pop star treatment

It’s a double dose of eggnog that any red-blooded American would enjoy.

Pop siren Mariah Carey brought good tidings and cheer with her–if no reindeer–as she put on a pre-Christmas holiday show for U.S. troops in Kosovo on Tuesday. Morale for U.S. troops will receive an additional boost before year’s end when yet another pop diva, Jennifer Lopez, entertains the GIs, along with rocker Kid Rock and rapper Ja Rule.

Despite an emotional and physical breakdown in July, Carey was determined to lighten the mood of the soldiers. She didn’t let safety concerns in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks deter her, either; she took a chartered jet and helicopter to reach army bases in Kosovo.

“I think it is important as they are not going to have much of a holiday season. We just wanted to come here and support them,” Carey said.

J.Lo, fresh off her triumphant network concert, has agreed to team with Kid Rock and Ja Rule to perform for an MTV-orchestrated USO show. The trio will travel overseas to tape the concert at a military base; details on the date and location were not released due to security concerns.

Ubiquitous MTV host Carson Daly (TRL) will emcee the ceremonies, and MTV will air the performance as a special on New Year’s Day.

The military has given its official salute to the show and agrees with Carey that these shows are needed, now more than ever before.

“This USO/MTV tour will bring even more cheer to those in harm’s way, far from home and away from their loved ones, during the holidays,” said president and chief executive officer of the USO, retired Gen. John H. Tilelli Jr.