U.S TV boss defends Broadchurch remake

TV bosses behind the U.S. remake of acclaimed U.K. crime drama Broadchurch have defended their decision to adapt the show for American viewers. Scottish actor David Tennant and Olivia Colman proved a hit when they led the cast in the murder mystery last year (13), and executives at Fox are preparing to start shooting a U.S. version called Gracepoint this month (Jan14).
Tennant will reprise his role as a troubled detective in the show, alongside Breaking Bad actress Anna Gunn, but the re-boot has caused concern among some American fans of the original.
Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour on Monday (13Jan14), Fox boss Kevin Reilly insisted the show’s ending will be changed to ensure viewers remain intrigued.
He said, “There are cultural particularities that would cap it off. We’re doing 10 episodes, they did eight. We have a different ending so there will be something to stay tuned for.”