Una Foden recalls toe-break agony

Irish pop star Una Foden has told of her agony as she recovers from a broken toe while performing on U.K. reality TV show Splash!. Reports last month (Dec13) suggested The Saturdays star had incurred a nasty injury while in training for the high-diving show, and now she has confirmed the incident.
The singer was practising in a dry area of the set when she landed awkwardly and snapped her little toe.
Foden tells British talk show Loose Women, “I’m covered in bruises at the moment, and I did break my baby toe. Actually it happened right at the beginning, which was really unfortunate… It happened, ironically, in the dry dive area, it didn’t happen in the water. I landed really weird and my baby toe kind of buckled and snapped.”
She has also posted photographs of the injury on her Instagram.com page.