Will Bearacane Follow Sharknado?

It could be stories like these that get the minds at Syfy thinking of a new crazy hook to attract the masses with tantalizing science projects that wreak havoc on society. But then you have folks like Disneynature relying on tried and true efforts that populate school busses and incite mass field trips to the IMAX.

Well in todays local news there’s a family in Naples, Florida who woke up to a bear sleeping on their patio. He’s big, adorable and sleepy.  But in a fictitious similar scenerio lets say slightly altered, there’s a hundred bears and a huge tropical storm rolling in off the Florida coast. Ladies and gentlemen we bring you the Bearacane! Imagine the winds whipping, window seals whistling and plywood flying everywhere. Just as you nestle into your safe room, you start hearing those loud thumps of 300 pound bears hitting your house. Bone chilling I know.

Boo Boo voiced by Justin Timberlake in Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Yogi Bear'

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Unfortunately, I don’t have such a video and Bearacane sounds too much like a pharmaceutical for any studio to consider as a possible title.

Well we always have Bear vs. Gator or something a little more believable but lacks that cult classic panache.  Shhh don’t give Syfy any ideas: Bearagator!


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