Unofficial Big Pun street sign removed

New York City police officials have taken down an unofficial street sign dedicated to rapper Big Pun. Fan Shane Rossi purchased the sign from the Department of Transportation website and hung it up on a street corner in the Bronx on the 14th anniversary of the rapper’s death (07Feb14).
Rossi tells the New York Daily News, “I think that he did more than people give him credit for. I just want (the city) to know that there is still interest and people haven’t forgotten.
“My whole premise was to not disrespect anyone. It wasn’t an insult or a jab at the right way of doing things.”
In 2011, the rapper’s sister, Nicole Rodriguez, petitioned city officials to rename a street after her brother, but residents came out against the proposal.
Big Pun, real name Christopher Rios, passed away in 2000 after suffering a heart attack.