Usher, Mark Wahlberg and Run-D.M.C. facing lawsuit

Usher, Mark Wahlberg and the existing members of rap trio Run-D.M.C. are facing a copyright infringement lawsuit for allegedly using samples from a 1960s R&B hit without permission. Bosses at Twilight Records and Syl-Zel Music claim the performers and several other musicians have illegally used segments from Syl Johnson’s 1967 tune Different Strokes, and they’ve filed a lawsuit in a U.S. District Court in Illinois.
The suit also names several record labels including Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group.
The complaint seeks accounting, along with a permanent restraint against sampling the song, and unspecified damages.
This isn’t the first time Johnson has sued for copyright infringement – in 2011, he filed a lawsuit against Kanye West and Jay Z, for improperly sampling the song on their album, Watch the Throne. That suit was later settled.