Vic Mensa almost died sneaking into Lollapalooza

American rapper Vic Mensa has told how he had a near-fatal accident attempting to sneak into the Lollapalooza music festival. Mensa performed at the event on Saturday (02Aug14) in the hip-hop star’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois, but in the past he has been forced to find less glamorous ways to ensure he caught performances at the iconic festival.
Speaking with Billboard backstage at the 2014 event, Mensa recalled how he was electrocuted several years ago while trying to enter the festival without a ticket after finding the route he used the day before no longer available.
He says, “I was trying to get in and they had upped security from the day before – it was just impossible to get in like I got in the day before. I was trying to do something crazy, climbing down the train structure… over a bridge. And I touched a transformer on my arm… My arm just shot out in front of me and it was strange… it was really surreal. I was seeing myself from an overhead view, like, and I just saw my arm shoot out like Frankenstein and I fell like 30 feet. Then I got up, which was weird too, cos (sic) I definitely could have broken my neck.”