Viewers Urged to Boycott ‘Starved’

Viewers are being urged to boycott new TV drama show Starved, which
follows four friends who suffer eating disorders.

The U.S. National Eating Disorders Association is accusing network FX of trivializing such illnesses and wants viewers to switch off when Starved premieres on Thursday.

Neda Ceo Lynne Grefe says, “Eating disorders are illnesses, not choices, and certainly no laughing matter.”

But an FX spokesperson argues show creator Eric Schaeffer and all four lead actors have all battled eating disorders–insisting anyone who doesn’t like the concept should choose another channel: “This is the way (Schaeffer) chose to tell stories about his battles, and we support his creative choices. While we realize some viewers may be offended, we respect their right not to watch the show.”

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