Viola Davis decided to grow her natural hair after wig pin drama


Viola Davis decided to grow her natural hair after she had an awkward experience with a wig while getting a health scan.

The Oscar-winning actress made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night (29Jan19) to discuss her TV drama How to Get Away with Murder, and at the start of the chat, host Jimmy complimented her on her glorious afro hairstyle.

However, Viola went on to explain that the afro is “very difficult” to maintain and she only opted for the look because of what happened during a recent visit to the doctor’s office for an MRI scan.

“Everything is the hard thing with the ‘fro. It’s hard to moisturise it, which is why I always used to wear wigs. Until I did something that really stopped it for a long time. I went to get an MRI and I put a wig on my head. You don’t know that in order to keep a wig on, you’ve gotta put pins in it. And then you know when you go to get the MRI, it’s magnetic… Soon as I went into that room, that wig started floating off my head and those pins came out like bullets,” she laughed. “And the tech woman started ducking… and so half of the pins were on the floor, half of them were on the MRI machine and half of the wig was off my head! And she finally said, ‘You know you can take the wig off?’ and I said, ‘I cannot take this wig off!!!'”

Viola didn’t detail exactly why she needed an MRI but indicated that it was to do with normal female health. And when host Jimmy began to look concerned about the topic, the Widows star launched into a long chat about her experience of menopause, which has so far lasted “six or seven years”.

“You know what? Menopause is hell, Jimmy. Menopause is a dark hole, and that’s where I am right now. I will either love my husband (Julius Tennon) today or kill him today,” the 53-year-old sighed, before going on to share a story about her distracted behaviour of late.

“The other day my husband said, ‘V, can you take this bowl and put this in the sink?’ and I said, ‘Oh, sweetheart yeah, let me see the bowl and put it in the sink.’ And then five minutes later he looked at me, he said, ‘V, are you OK? I said, ‘Yeah I’m fine.’ (He said), ‘Are you sure you’re OK? I found that bowl in the refrigerator. Please tell me you’re not going crazy!’ … I’m not going crazy, I’m not going down like that.”