Visage star Steve Strange taking control of new rock supergroup

Rock supergroup Last In Line have landed a super-manager in 1980s pop icon and former Visage frontman Steve Strange Drummer Vinny Appice, who founded the band with Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell, revealed details about the new act in a recent interview with rock writer Mitch Lafon, which has been posted on
Appice, who recently quit Kill Devil Kill to focus on his new band, has confirmed that the line-up includes himself and fellow former Dio star Jimmy Bain and ex-Lynch Mob frontman Andrew Freeman.
And they have some star power behind them.
The drummer says, “Steve Strange from Europe – he’s a very famous guy in Europe – he’s handling the band, and he is in the driver’s seat, and we’ve got a great driver.”
Talking of working with his new bandmates, Appice admits it has been a dream come true: “It’s gone great… It went fantastic. We’ve got about five tunes written, and they’re really cool, and they sound like us… It’s very interesting how quickly it came together. And we’re happy about it, we’re having fun down there exchanging ideas.
“It’s nothing where there’s any attitudes or egos or anything like that… You can express your ideas without having to worry or think about some guy that’s gonna go, ‘Well, I don’t think that’s good’, or, ‘No, we shouldn’t do it that way’. All the ideas are put out there and we go, ‘Yeah, that’s cool. Let’s try it’.
“There’s no quarrels, there’s no attitudes. It’s really cool… In April, we’re going into the studio to record a couple songs, so we have some stuff down. And it looks like we have a pretty nice record deal sitting there.”