Vote for Jerry

Who knew that ‘trash TV’ could be harmful to your career?

Professional rabble-rouser Jerry Springer still has a hankering for politics but acknowledges that his fight-filled television talk show might cost him votes if he runs for office again. Springer, the former mayor of Cincinnati and a 1982 candidate for governor, says that although the The Jerry Springer Show is a controversial hit, the show may have permanently tainted him in the eyes of some voters.

“If people focus on the show, the answer is no. If they focused on issues, then maybe,” he said.

Springer has said that he might give politics another try, and that he’ll consider running for public office in 2002, if the timing seems right. He would not say what office he might seek but said it probably would be a Federal post because he’s interested in national issues. Well, he’s proven that he’s good at uniting different crowds towards a common goal!