Vulcan Blalock Dreams of Spock Love

Star Trek Enterprise regular Jolene Blalock dreams of a little Vulcan love with Spock–as her character T’Pol.

The sexy actress, a long time fan of the sci-fi series, is adamant her character and the show’s first Vulcan, played by Leonard Nimoy, would make a great couple–and their lovemaking would be “nasty”.

She says, “Vulcans are really freaky nasty, dirty nasty and funky.

“If we had a kid, it would look like me with those ears and that hair. We’d name him Vern–‘Vern, you little Vulcan.'”

The saucy TV alien admits she’s a big sex fan herself, and once had intercourse in a telephone booth.

She says, “We used the Yellow Pages for leverage.”

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