War strikes box office again

Word that the U.S. and Britain had launched their first major attacks against the Taliban in Afghanistan apparently kept many potential moviegoers at home on Sunday — throwing off studio estimates for the weekend. The top-grossing film, Warner Bros.’ Training Day, which had been expected to bring in $24.1 million, wound up with $22.6 million.

The second-place finisher, Miramax’s Serendipity, which analysts figured would reap $14 million, actually took in $13.3 million. Results for the bottom half of the top ten, however, fairly well matched studio estimates. Overall, the top 12 movies grossed $83 million, up 9 percent from the same weekend a year ago and 29.5 percent from last weekend.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Exhibitor Relations (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date):

1. Training Day, Warner Bros., $22,550,788, (New); 2. Serendipity, Miramax, $13,309,241, (New); 3. Don’t Say a Word, 20th Century Fox, $9,766,100, 2 Wks. ($31,933,981); 4. Zoolander, Paramount, $9,518,273, 2 Wks., ($28,338,825); 5. Joy Ride, 20th Century Fox, $7,347,259, (New); 6. Max Keeble’s Big Move, Disney, $5,377,958, (New); 7. Hearts in Atlantis, Warner Bros., $5,024,920, 2 Wks. ($16.443.261); 8. Hardball, Paramount, $3,566,255, 4 Wks. ($30,623,626); 9. The Others, Miramax/Dimension, $2.848.616, 9 Wks. ($90,573,083); 10. Rush Hour 2, New Line, $1,724,118, 10 Wks., ($221,526,192).