Wedding bells for Barrymore, Green

It’s been a busy week, apparently, in nuptial news. Here’s the rundown.

Something borrowed … something Green?

On Wednesday, Drew Barrymore‘s publicist, Eddie Michaels, officially revealed that the actress secretly married comedian/fiancée Tom Green in a ceremony held two weeks ago. Green disclosed the same information Tuesday to USA Today, stirring speculation.

“Yes, they’re married,” Ann Gurrola, Green‘s publicist, said Thursday.

Michaels did not return calls for comment.

Green, who shot to fame when MTV let loose the Canadian comic’s brand of anything-goes humor on U.S. audiences, told USA Today: “It has been a year of everyone asking us when we were going to do it. Now it is all over, and we’re happy.”

If the news is to be taken with a grain of salt, it is because Barrymore, 26, and Green, 29, have spent the last year teasing the press about rumors of their possible marriage. Ever the prankster, Green promised to marry Barrymore on-air during Nov. 17’s Saturday Night Live, which he hosted. It turned out to be a running joke without an exchange of wedding vows.

MTV Publicity in New York declined to comment to on the matter.

Green‘s new flick, Freddy Got Fingered, opens nationally on April 20.

Reid’s Total Request: Wedding delayed

MTV’s Carson Daly, of Total Request Live fame, will not walk down the aisle with Josie and the Pussycats star Tara Reid. Reid has postponed her May wedding to Daly, 27, until she finds time in her busy career to carry through with the nuptials.

“It’s the smart thing to do,” Erika Cosentino, Reid‘s publicist, said Thursday. “They just wish to do things the right way. Since both hope to be able to share some time together after the wedding, they have postponed the wedding and are waiting for the bride-to-be to have some time off from filming.”

The impending Screen Actors Guild strike has forced Reid, 25, to take on numerous film projects before work possibly halts at the major studios. She is currently filming American Pie 2 and David Zucker’s The Guest, scheduled for release in 2001 and 2002, respectively.