West: ‘Money is the only reason Brits go to America’

The hunk has made a name for himself Stateside thanks to his role in hit crime drama The Wire, but has returned to his homeland to star in several British TV shows, including 1950s-set The Hour and a controversial film about serial killer Fred West.

And the actor insists British screen stars only ever go to America because U.S. networks can spend millions on producing brilliant TV shows – unlike those in the U.K.

He tells Britain’s The Guardian newspaper, “(It’s) the only reason (actors go to America). We’ve got the talent – actors, writers, technicians – not the money. (Martin Scorsese’s TV show) Boardwalk Empire cost $35 million for the first episode. Our biggest films don’t cost that much. The only problem in this country (U.K.) is the dough. We don’t have enough.”