Westlife Say Farewell and Set Themselves on Fire: PIC

westlifeCaption: Boy band Westlife burn themselves (in effigy?) for their finale performance on June 22 in Dublin. 

After 14 record-breaking years together, Irish boy band Westlife said goodbye with a red-hot final concert in Dublin, Ireland. 

The band performed for some 83,000 fans in Dublin’s Croke Park. Fans from all around the globe, including Germany and Taiwan, came out for the band’s farewell. 

Although they never quite hit it big in the U.S., during their time together, Westlife sold about 44 million albums, scored 14 No. 1 hits and 25 top ten singles.

Their massive international influence undoubtedly helped to open the door for current boy bands like One Direction and The Wanted. 

[Photo: Wenn]