WGA Announces Screenplay Noms

The Writers Guild of America, west and East announced nominations for outstanding achievement in writing for the screen, television and radio during the 2003 season.

Nominees in the original category went to independent art-house films, including Gurinder Chadha, Paul Mayeda Berges and Guljit Bindra for Fox Searchlight’s Bend It Like Beckham; Steven Knight for Miramax’s Dirty Pretty Things; and Tom McCarthy for Miramax’s The Station Agent.

Nominees for the adapted category went mostly high-profile releases, including Anthony Minghella for Miramax’s Cold Mountain; Frances Walsh & Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson for New Line’s The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King; and Gary Ross for Universal’s Seabiscuit.

WGA noms are closely tracked as an indicator of Academy Awards sentiment. Guild winners in the original screenplay category have matched Oscar choices in 11 years over the past 21 while the WGA adapted screenplay award has matched with the Oscar winner in 14 years during the same period.

The films eligible for Writers Guild Awards were released in the year 2003 under the jurisdiction of Writers Guild of America, East and west and affiliate guilds in Australia, Canada, French Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, and New Zealand.

In television, the nominated scripts were originally broadcast between December 1, 2002, and November 30, 2003.
The winners will be announced Saturday, February 21, 2004, at the 56th Annual Writers Guild Awards ceremonies on both coasts.

The Writers Guild of America, west ceremonies will be held in Los Angeles at the Century Plaza Hotel, and the Writers Guild of America, East ceremonies will be held in New York at The Pierre Hotel.


Original Screenplay

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM, Written by Gurinder Chadha and Paul Mayeda Berges and Guljit Bindra, Fox Searchlight Pictures

DIRTY PRETTY THINGS, Written by Steven Knight, Miramax Films
IN AMERICA, Written by Jim Sheridan & Naomi Sheridan & Kirsten Sheridan, Fox Searchlight Pictures

LOST IN TRANSLATION, Written by Sofia Coppola, Focus Features

THE STATION AGENT, Written by Tom McCarthy, Miramax Films

Adapted Screenplay

AMERICAN SPLENDOR, Written by Robert Pulcini & Shari Springer Berman, Based on the Comic Book Series by Harvey Pekar and the Novel by Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner, HBO Films/Fine Line Features

COLD MOUNTAIN, Screenplay by Anthony Minghella, Based on the Novel by Charles Frazier, Miramax Films

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING, Screenplay by Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson, Based on the Novel by J.R.R. Tolkien, New Line Cinema

MYSTIC RIVER, Screenplay by Brian Helgeland, Based on the Novel by Dennis Lehane, Warner Bros. Pictures

SEABISCUIT, Screenplay by Gary Ross, Based on the Book by Laura Hillenbrand, Universal Pictures


Episodic Drama –any length–one airing time

“ABOMINATION (Law & Order: SVU), Written by Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters; NBC

“BOUNTY (Law & Order), Written by Michael S. Chernuchin; NBC

“DISASTER RELIEF (The West Wing), Teleplay by Alexa Junge, Story by Alexa Junge & Lauren Schmidt; NBC

“LOSS (Law & Order: SVU), Written by Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters; NBC

“PILOT (The O.C.), Written by Josh Schwartz; Fox

“7:00 P.M. — 8:00 P.M. (24), Written by Evan Katz; Fox

Episodic Comedy–any length–one airing time

“DAY CARE” (Malcolm in the Middle), Written by Gary Murphy & Neil Thompson; Fox

“MALCOLM FILMS REESE” (Malcolm in the Middle), Written by Dan Kopelman; Fox

“NO SEX, PLEASE, WE’RE SKITTISH” (Frasier), Written by Bob Daily; NBC

“A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO SHOES” (Sex and the City), Written by Jenny Bicks; HBO

Original Long Form–over one hour–one or two parts, one or two airing times


Episode 1, “BEYOND THE SKY” and Episode 2, “JACOB AND JESSE” (Taken), Written by Leslie Bohem; USA

CAESAR, Written by Peter Pruce and Craig Warner; TNT

WILDER DAYS, Written by Jeff Stockwell; TNT

Adapted Long Form–over one hour–one or two parts, one or two airing times

NORMAL, Teleplay by Jane Anderson, Based on the play Looking for Normal by Jane Anderson; HBO

OUT OF THE ASHES, Teleplay by Anne Meredith, Based on the book I Was a Doctor in Auschwitz by Dr. Gisella Perl; Showtime

RUDY: THE RUDY GIULIANI STORY, Written by Stanley Weiser, Based on the book Rudy! by Wayne Barrett; USA

THE STRANGER BESIDE ME, Teleplay by Matthew McDuffie and Matthew Tabak, Based on the book by Ann Rule; USA

Animation–any length–one airing time

“THE DAD WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE” (The Simpsons), Written by Matt Selman; Fox

“MOE BABY BLUES” (The Simpsons), Written by J. Stewart Burns; Fox

MY MOTHER THE CARJACKER” (The Simpsons), Written by Michael Price; Fox

“REBORN TO BE WILD” (King of the Hill), Written by Tony Gama-Lobo & Rebecca May; Fox

“RESCUE JET FUSION” (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius), Written by Steven Banks; Nickelodeon

“THE STING” (Futurama), Written by Patric M. Verrone; Fox

Comedy/Variety–Music, Awards, Tributes — Specials — any length

THE KENNEDY CENTER HONORS, Written by George Stevens, Jr., Sara Lukinson and David Leaf; CBS

THE 75TH ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS, Written by Hal Kanter, Rita Cash, Buz Kohan, Special Material Written by Steve Martin, Beth Armogida, Dave Barry, Dave Boone, Andy Breckman, Jon Macks, Rita Rudner, Bruce Vilanch; ABC

Comedy/Variety–(including talk) Series

LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN, Written by Mike Sweeney, Chris Albers, Jose Arroyo, Andy Blitz, Kevin Dorff, Jonathan Glaser, Michael Gordon, Brian Kiley, Michael Koman, Brian McCann, Guy Nicolucci, Conan O’Brien, Andrew Secunda, Allison Silverman, Robert Smigel, Brian Stack, Andrew Weinberg; NBC

MAD TV, Writing supervised by Scott King, Written by Dick Blasucci, Lauren Dombrowski, Bryan Adams, Bruce McCoy, Michael Hitchcock, Steven Cragg, Chris Cluess, John Crane, Jennifer Joyce, Tami Sagher, David Salzman, Richard Talarico, Jim Wise, Kal Clarke, Sultan Pepper, Bill Kelley, Maiya Williams, Dino Stamatopoulos, Rick Najera, Brooks McBeth, Jason Kordelos, Michael McDonald, Stephnie Weir; FOX

PENN & TELLER: BULLSHIT!, Written by Penn Jillette, Teller, David Wechter, John McLaughlin; Showtime

REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER, Written by Billy Martin, Scott Carter, David Feldman, Brian Jacobsmeyer, Jay Jaroch, Chris Kelly, Bill Maher, Ned Rice, Paul F. Tompkins; HBO

Daytime Serials

ALL MY CHILDREN, Written by Agnes Nixon, Megan McTavish, Gordon Rayfield, Anna Theresa Cascio, Frederick Johnson, Jeff Beldner, Janet Iacobuzio, Lisa Connor, Addie Walsh, Victor Miller, Mimi Leahey, Bettina F. Bradbury, John PiRoman, Karen Lewis, Amanda Robb, Rebecca Taylor, Christina Covino, David A. Levinson; ABC

ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Written by Josh Griffith, Michael Malone, Shelly Altman, Lorraine Broderick, Richard Backus, Ron Carlivati, Anna Theresa Cascio, David Colson, Leslie Nipkow, Michelle Poteet Lisanti, Becky Cole, James Fryman, Katherine Schock, Ginger Redmon, Daniel Griffin; ABC

Children’s Script

“DON’T LOOK BACK” (Out There), Written by Willie Reale and Mark Palmer; PBS

FULL COURT MIRACLE, Written by Joel Silverman and Joel Kauffmann & Donald C. Yost; Disney Channel

I WAS A TEENAGE FAUST, Written by Thom Eberhardt; Showtime

THE MALDONADO MIRACLE, Teleplay by Paul W. Cooper, Based upon the novel “The Maldonado Miracle” by Theodore Taylor; Showtime

Documentary – Current Events

“TRUTH, WAR AND CONSEQUENCES” (Frontline), Written by Martin Smith; PBS

“THE WAR BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” (Frontline), Written by Michael J. Kirk; PBS

Documentary – Other Than Current Events


“CYBER WAR!” (Frontline), Written by Michael J. Kirk; PBS


“THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE: WELCOME TO THE 11TH DIMENSION” (Nova), Written by Julia Cort & Joseph McMaster, PBS

“THE MURDER OF EMMETT TILL” (The American Experience), Written by Marcia Smith, PBS

“SEABISCUIT” (The American Experience), Written by Michelle Ferrari; PBS

News – Regularly Scheduled, Bulletin or Breaking Report

“PASSING OF MUSIC LEGENDS” (CBS News Sunday Morning), Written by Robert Mank;
“CBS SHOWDOWN WITH SADDAM” (CBS News), Written by John Craig Wilson; CBS

News – Analysis, Feature, or Commentary

“BAPTISM BY FIRE” (60 Minutes), Written by Barbara Dury & Morley Safer; CBS

“WALL STREET” (NOW with Bill Moyers), Written by Michael Winship & Bill Moyers; PBS



AUTISM: SHADES OF GRAY, Written by Julia Kathan; ABC News Radio

News–Regularly Scheduled

AFTERNOON DRIVE, Written by Bill Spadaro; 1010 WINS Radio

WORLD NEWS THIS WEEK, Written by Stuart H. Chamberlain, Jr.; ABC News Radio

News–Analysis, Feature or Commentary

REMEMBERING ED BLISS, Written by Mike Silverstein; ABC News Radio

THE ROAD TO LAUGHTER: A TRIBUTE TO BOB HOPE, Written by Steven Gosset; CBS Radio Network

On-Air Promotion (Radio or Television)

BUFFY/ENTERPRISE, Written by Eric Jacobson; CBS/UPN