Whitford worried about real-life cop research

The actor plays slovenly cop Dan Stark opposite Tom Hanks’ son Colin in new TV hit The Good Guys – but he has yet to fully research his role, and hasn’t hit the streets with the police.

He days, “We did spend some time with the Dallas Homicide division and I have been scheduled, for a long time, to go on a ride-along. I am anxious to do it. If we have to go in with guns blazing I’ll be crying in the car calling my manager and asking him to bring me a cappuccino!”

Whitford admits he’s always amazed how willing professionals are to show actors and actresses just what their jobs entail.

He adds, “I’m always amazed how much access you get. I’ve done research and I’ve been in surgery and touched the patient. I will not speak much about that because I’m sure it’s a legal problem.

“I’ve sat next to judges when they were handing out sentences for life imprisonment.

“People just let you in, so I don’t doubt that the cops will let us do some interesting stuff.”