Whitney Houston’s estate suing to retrieve late singer’s personal belongings

Executors for Whitney Houston’s estate are suing bosses at CPMG Mendham, LLC in a bid to recover the singer’s personal belongings from her New Jersey home, which was sold earlier this year (14). Marion Houston, the tragic singer’s manager and sister-in-law, hired executives at the firm to sell the Mendham home in 2013, and it was approved by bankers at Wells Fargo in February (14), when an arrangement was made to allow the family access to retrieve the I Will Always Love You hitmaker’s items, which included a baby grand piano, a jukebox, valuable artwork and home furnishings.
However, when relatives arrived to the house they were unable to enter the premises because the gates were chained and bolted and the locks on the doors had been changed.
Marion Houston alleges family members made two requests to retrieve the items in March (14), but were denied access, and she is now seeking damages and an injunction to prevent the defendants from exercising control over the items.
The lawsuit reads, “Ms. Houston’s family members have a strong emotional attachment to many of the items and some of these items have considerable financial value and would hold particular financial value to Ms. Houston’s fans and other collectors, because they belonged to Ms. Houston.”