Will Arnett stubs out cigarette habit

Comedian Will Arnett has kicked his smoking habit after spending nearly 30 years puffing away on cigarettes. The Arrested Development star, who turned 43 earlier this month (May13), reveals he made it his New Year’s (13) resolution to stub out his unhealthy addiction.
However, Arnett admits it hasn’t been easy and he’s been relying on an anti-smoking aid, Nicorette gum, to keep him from lighting up again.
He says, “I quit smoking a few months ago… (I started) when I was 13 because it was cool, it was very cool. I smoked for the better part of 30 years and it sort of dawned on me…
“It’s been my longtime companion… I tried (to quit) before and this time I really got it. I’m on the Nicorette gum… since the second week of January.”
Quitting smoking appears to be part of Arnett’s new health kick – the actor recently admitted he hit the gym hard to cope with his split from wife Amy Poehler last September (12).