Will Ferrell: “I’m a complete technophobe”

Actor Will Ferrell gave up on Twitter.com after just four days online because he is a self-confessed “technophobe”.

The funnyman is convinced using social media websites is too much of a chore, and admits he struggles to keep up with the latest gadgets. Ferrell tells Britain’s Radar magazine, “I was on Twitter for four days and for me personally it just felt like a burden, like something I’ve got to keep up. A lot of people are funny on it but I just knew it would become a burden… I haven’t sent out a tweet in six months. I should send one out: ‘Hey everyone! Look at this picture of a sandwich I made. He looks like it’s cloudy again. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.’ I have an old BlackBerry, I’m just a complete technophobe.”